Built By Books

Chances are, you got here because you:

a. love reading developmental non-fiction books
b. are trying to take your career to the next level
c. want to refine your personal brand & reputation at work
d. all of the above
e. oops, you got here by accident… *closes internet tab*

No matter your reason(s), we are happy to help you grow to your full career potential.

Built by Books helps women who are early in their careers reach their next levels through developmental training and career coaching.

The Founder

Built By Books Founder, Morgan ProvinceHi! I am Morgan Province, the blogger behind Built By Books (or B3 as I affectionately call it). I have always loved reading, research and training others. Oh, and DIY everything. That is why I have always been fascinated with teaching myself new skills and techniques – that feeling when you have created something new is like a drug. Lifelong learner, education addict… whatever you call it, I am it.

I graduated from the University of Kansas with bachelor degrees in Communication Studies and Journalism, which cultivated those career passions AND created a college basketball super fan (ROCK CHALK)!

I also love binge watching television shows, collecting cute notebooks and doting on my two Westie pups. When not doing those things, I am usually traveling with the hubs.

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