6 Books With Strategies That Will Improve Your Life Now

Read development books that give you tangible strategies you can implement from day one!If you are a book worm like I am, you love diving into a great read.

But there is an even better feeling when you get something OUT of a great book. Sometimes, it is hard to find a book with tangible ways to immediately implement it into your life and career.

What area of your career do you want to improve? Then which books discuss that career area? And can that book lead to a career experiment?

Let me save you a bit of time. Here are my six favorite books with strategies you can implement TODAY. Quick list, quick strategies, real results. Find what you need and start now!

If the career area you want to improve is not listed below, check out the larger book list that includes 24 books in eight different career areas.

Essentialism by Greg McKeownThis one exercise can help you weed out all of the essential BS in your career.

Summary: Get rid of busy and be productive. Do only what is essential.

Strategy to start today:
Make a list of what you hate doing (cooking, cleaning, meetings, emails, etc.). Which of these can you automate, outsource, tweak or do without?


The Power of Habit by Charles DuhiggLearn why you form habits so you can change or create them.

Summary: Understand the science behind habit formation so you can change bad and create healthy habits.

Strategy to start today:
Make a list of habits you want to change and order them from most important to least. Beside each one, write down what triggers the bad habit (or lack of a good one). Finally, write out a new trigger for the new habit.


The Year of Yes by Shonda RhimesStop letting fear and anxiety keep you from opportunities in your career. Say yes, challenge yourself and enrich your life.

Summary: Get out of your comfort zone and say yes to opportunities in your life.

Strategy to start today:
Say “yes” to an event or project that has the potential to help your career, even if it scares you. Get out of your comfort zone.


How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale CarnegieStart being a person people WANT to be around. Your reputation will improve, you will have more people who want to collaborate and your sales will increase.

Summary: Learn techniques that help you better connect with others, therefore improving your personal brand and likeability.

Strategy to start today:
Be a good friend ALL day. No complaining, actively listen, offer advice, smile more and be helpful.


10% Happier by Dan HarrisKeep your mind sharp with a little mediation every day.

Summary: A few minutes of meditation each day can bring you 10% more happiness in your life.

Strategy to start today: Take five minutes to meditate. This does not have to be the “ooohhhhmmmmm” kind of meditation; simply get in a quiet place and focus on your breathing. Every time a thought enters your mind, get back to focusing on the breath in, the breath out.


Presence by Amy CuddyStand or sit in a power pose for two minutes before a big event - watch and feel how your confidence improves!

Summary: People assume that confidence starts from within and then is displayed through your actions; but science shows that you can be more confident inside through physical actions.

Strategy to start today:
Before a meeting, client appointment, presentation or social event, spend two minutes in a power pose. Whether this is in your car or in a bathroom stall, just do it.


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*This article contains affiliate links for the books listed! As a bookworm, I only recommend books I really enjoyed reading. I hope you enjoy them, too!

Six books with strategies you can implement today!