The Bookworm Gifts You Need Now

Okay, if you have been following my blog you know that 1) we care A LOT about getting your career on track for a promotion, 2) there is an actionable step for your career in each post, and 3) we love LOVE books.

Today, we are less about #1 and #2 more about #3. As in, we LOVE books and the action today is to buy some of these adorable items NOW. This is a post about indulging yourself.

Take a look at our first round-up of Bookworm Gifts. And of course, feel free to buy it all.

Need gift ideas for the book lovers in your life? Or want to treat yo' self? Check out our favorite bookworm gifts this month.

  1. An adorable bookmark made from an engraved spoon from Etsy.
  2. How cool would it be to create your own stamp? Make your library official.
  3. This personal library kit from House 8810 will help you get your little collection all set.
  4. Decorate your bookshelves with these feather bookends from Etsy.
  5. Wear your mind on your sleeve with this raglan t-shirt from Amazon.
  6. Dine in style with these dainty love letter napkins from Uncommon Goods.
  7. Carry around your books in this cute tote bag. Choose from a variety of classic book covers on Amazon!
  8. Our round-up would not be complete without this pillow from Look Human, making your reading experience more comfortable.

*This post contains affiliate links for some of these cute gift ideas. Have fun shopping!

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