The Mother’s Day Gift-Buying Guide for Moms Who Are Bookworms

Did you realize that Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away?!

If you’ve already bought or made something for your mom, then WOOOT! Sadly, I am way behind and am still searching for the perfect gifts for my mom and my mother-in-law. I realized that you all might like to see some of the cool bookworm gifts I stumbled upon while shopping this year!*

Without further ado, here they are.

Mother's Day Gift Guide


Kindle. If your bookworm has never had one, or is in desperate need of a new one, get the latest Kindle with built-in light.

Kindle Light. If the Kindle your bookworm has is still in good condition but is a version without the backlight, then spend just $6 for a Kindle light so she can read at night.


What is your mom’s style? Get bookends that speak to her aesthetic while adding a bit of design flair to her bookshelf.

My favorites:

Audio Books and e-Books

If your mom prefers to listen to her books, there are several ways to make that happen – a few of them for free!

Audible. Get two books free when you sign up for Audible! If mom likes it, you or she can pay for the monthly credit. If not, she can cancel and try another platform.

Library App. Does your local library have an app where you can check out eBooks on your Kindle or audiobooks for your device? Mine does, and it is AMAZING. Just like checking out physical books, the library has a certain amount of copies, you put a hold or check out the book, then you return it when you are done (or your borrow ends at the end of 21 days). To find out if your library participates, you can Google your library’s name and “app,” or reach out to your library. You do need to have an active library card to use the app, so if you do not have one currently, you will need to set that up.

Rakuten Kobo by Walmart. An audiobook platform like Audible, Kobo is another way to try audiobooks. I started with Kobo because I had a free credit. I listened to a book, canceled my subscription, then found months later that I had another credit waiting for me in my account (even though I had not paid for a subscription). Worth a try!

Book of the Month

Another subscription service, but this time with actual books. I was part of the Book of the Month for almost a year, and it was a great way to collect current best-selling novels.


Handmake, customize, or buy special accessories that speak to your mom. Here are a few ideas:

What did you end up getting your mom? Share your ideas in the comments!

*Because I am an affiliate of Amazon, if you purchase items through my Amazon links I do receive a small commission. That’s how I make a living sharing my Built by Book resources with you!

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